Tradition innovation and research

We offer a large selection of dishes, a wide range of meat and fish courses. Our chef carefully selects the best local products in order to give you the best taste experience of our true traditional flavours. Continuous research and innovation to make unique and tasty dishes.

the winery

The secular history and prestige of the Antica Trattoria Angelino is reproposed in its cellar, always a boast for the quality of its wines. A wide variety of products of our wine-making, with bottles coming from the most famous wineries in Italy and across the Alps. A wide selection, from bubbles to distillates and liqueurs to accompany your evenings from the appetizer until after the coffee.

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+39 06 6992 0637

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Piazza Margana, 37
00186 ROMA

Open daily from 11.00 to 23.30
Timetable continued on reservation even after theatre

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